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Capturing The Moment — Shopping With Mom And Grandma — Boring!   8 comments

James showing my picture he took. 

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to go shopping — he said insouciantly!

So, while in Houston, I tried to stay on the good side of my traveling companion

since the alternatives were few, plus we could get some great mall fast food — yum, yum!!

As James and I tried to kill time,

he quickly learned I wasn’t going to help him pass the time by being his entertainment.

Being “quick on his feet,” James decided to entertain me.

Knowing that I had my point & shot camera,

he took his mom’s camera and started taking pictures of me,

which quickly turned into a “you take my picture while I’m taking yours” routine — fun!

However, like most fun things, it soon becomes boring.  

What next? Hide ‘n seek, of course! 

What kid doesn’t like playing hide ‘n seek among the clothing racks?

The only problem was I had found a comfortable chair and was not willing to look for James.

Undaunted, he proceeded to play, “Do you see me?” “Do you see me now?”

Since it was obvious that I wasn’t playing by his rules,

he decided to dance to his own music. (I added music in the video.)

— kenne

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