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Twenty-Five Years Of Muscle   2 comments

Fredric  Firebird 3156 (1) blogPontiac Firebird (The first year model was 1967) — Images by kenne

You had your days of glory
Speeding down the streets
Cruising through the drive-ins
Fredric  Firebird B-W 3156 (2) blogParking outside the dives

Twenty-five years of muscle
In your all-American

Coke bottle styling
Perfect for attracting girls

Once fondly called
The Green Hornet
With sexy babes
Adorning your hood

Those were the happy days
Before becoming barnyard junk
In the north country woods
Hoping again for days of glory

No longer a bird of fire
Parked in your aging green skin
With only memories of
Those red lipstick days


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