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Soul of a Car blog frameSoul of a Car — Image by kenne

Soul of a Car

Signs of age
Tell the story
Miles on the gauge
Count the glory

Now at rest
In the shade
Once the best
Of the fifties decade

There is a key
Only to a past
Now rest free
At long last

A rusty door
A broken fan blade
Longing for more
Feeling only frayed

Having a heart
A few remaining horses
Seeking a start
From special forces

Old cars can rust
But never the soul
Covered with dust
Stuck in cruse control

… the road always calls.

— kenne

How do you measure the soul of a driving machine? — by measuring the soul of the driver.

The soul of the 318i that I bought, September 1983,
and sold, September 2007 can only be measured by those
intangibles by which we measure passion.

It is not my nature to dwell on the past, but parting with something
that was an extension of my very being was not easy. If there is one
image that reflects more than a third of my life, it was this little BMW.

Parting with the 318i was not like the loss of my generation’s innocence
as immortalized in Don McLean’s “American Pie”,
even though our passion for cars is not shared by Millennials.

For me, neither the music nor the cars have died —
not ready to say “Bye, bye Miss American Pie.”


BMW's2006-12-16-05 II blogMy current BMW 2007 3-Series Coupe with my 1984 3-Series Coupe. It took almost a year after getting the 2007 before parting with my 1984.
Image by kenne

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