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Vancouver Skyline (1 of 1)-2 Mixed Media blogCityscape — Mixed Media — Image by kenne

I am drifting as I listen to Purple Haze,
buildings reflect up from the water below.

Remember when we first saw the cityscape,
dreamy cosmic waves of mid-summer light?

Close your eyes, you will still see your body
drifting across the sky as the clouds move

through a matrix of lines and rainbow colors.
The edges of the skyline begin to drop as

the cityscape embraces and slowly enters
the maze of puzzles in the northern sky.

— kenne

Cityscape Art   2 comments

Vancouver from Stanley Park II_blogCityscape — Image by kenne


Obvious rural melancholy sold by Turner, Elgar, Blake
pales into insignificance beside the cityscape.

People seen from buses, sat in the cruel, white light
of the late night launderette or the arcade’s dangerous door.

The city’s desperate niches radiate despair, they mirror
the pastoral fraud, these poison blossoms here.

Edward Hopper pictures, unpainted and unframed
capture unknown sitters, unwanted and unnamed.

Corners crammed with loneliness, claiming naive lives,
snatched from light to dark in the blinking of an eye.

— Neil Crawford

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