Boat By Pier   2 comments

Boat by Pier — Photo-Artistry by kenne

They were beautiful in the clear early light—
red, yellow, blue and green—
is all I wanted to say about them,
although for the rest of the day
I pictured a lighter version of myself
calling time through a little megaphone,
first to the months of the year,
then to the twelve apostles, all grimacing
as they leaned and pulled on the long wooden oars.

— from Brightly Colored Boats on the Banks of the Charles by Billy Collins

2 responses to “Boat By Pier

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  1. Loved the excerpt, , fitted so well, with the enthralling photo, … I’ve accepted the invite, taken the boat and am adrift on that sapphire sea, …should be back, …may be back…sometime, …✨Penn✨

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  2. Lovely composition! The jetty leads you out into the sea on that boat. I’m in!!

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