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A flashback to May 30, 2009 — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Image: “Angel Novus” — Paul Klee

With Eye”s Wide Open,
It’s Hard To Believe the Situation We Are In.

Today’s leaders continue to justify yesterday’s mistakes. Five years ago, we began what has become “. . . a nightmare of spiraling violence, sectarian warfare, insurgency, roadside bombing and ghastly executions.” (NY Times, March 20, 2008) Over 4,000 American military have died, and 160,000 are daily in harm’s way. In addition to the US troops, over 180,000 contract civilians and several thousand civilian government employees are stationed in Iraq. It is difficult to obtain exact numbers, but it’s
estimated that the total number killed, wounded, and displaced is in the millions. All these five years after we invaded Iraq.

The administration and many in Congress continue to create their own “facts” for its “war on terror” as they continue their work on the “dark side,” to use Cheney’s words.


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Posted May 17, 2022 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Appreciated that Walter Benjamin story/quote. Not hopeful of course, but there can be no robust hope anyway without accounting for it.

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