To the man, to the woman . . .   2 comments

Photo-Artistry by kenne

To the man, to the woman
who utilized their
energies, goodness, strength,
anger, love, tenderness,
to those who truly
and in their sensuality matured,
let us not apply
the measure
of a time
that may be
something else, a mineral
mantle, a solar
bird, a flower,
something, maybe,
but not a measure.
Time, metal
or bird, long
petiolate flower,
man’s life,
shower him
with blossoms
and with
or with hidden sun.
I proclaim you
not shroud,
a pristine
with treads
of air,
a suit lovingly
through springtimes
around the world.

— from Ode To Age by Pablo Neruda

2 responses to “To the man, to the woman . . .

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  1. Fantastic poem, and a great portrait! Thankyou, Kenne.

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    • Thanks. Hiked the Aspen Loop from the Marshall Gulch trailhead today as part of the SCVN Friday Hikes. I really struggled. A lot of the area on the backside was burned, now about a year ago. Thank god for ferns, which are quick to come back. Some of the same areas was burned by the Aspen Fire.

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