The Rings Of Life   3 comments

The Rings of Life-72“The Rings of Life” — Image by kenne

Tree Rings

They are silent scars,
tree rings,
simple markers of time
that ignores
the story between the lines,
the seasons of starvation,
the winters that lingered,
the days of summer, of wine and dance,
the wild mistakes
and the wilder joys,
the droughts and soft nights of love,
all of them lost in the lines,
each so similar to the next,
markers of age, so easily seen by others,
who cannot know your story in all it’s richness
unless you have the courage
to leave the lines behind,
tell your own tale
like the bards of old,
creating a truth more true than honesty,
more true than markers or memories,
or the lies of time.

Tom Atkins


3 responses to “The Rings Of Life

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  1. Great photo and poem.

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  2. Wow love your since of expressing your self In a poetic poetic style … And your photo.. that adds I think beautiful ly describes your poem. Hi my name is Tamika .. I’m a freelance writer and photographer in NJ.. you are welcome to follow my work work here on word press.. if you like humor.. I’m such a Goff ball.. I love to laugh.. if you like come join me in Facebook.. I call myself Michelle Newell Michelle Michelle is my middle name.. . I don’t know if you like Facebook.. but I ‘ve created a group.. called Jim Carrey funniest moments group.. in this I’ve attracted a group of wonderful people.. if you want you can Come be apart of this community.. enjoy your Friday

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