One Of My Early Black And White Photographs   3 comments

normal-il-19740002e-framed-blog“A Rainy Evening” (Normal, Illinois) — Image by kenne

Photography in the 20th Century
was all about film photography
Ektachrome was my choice,
however, occasionally I shot in B&W.

“A Rainy Evening” is a B&W
photo taken in 1974, by
definition a vintage image
having been captured before 1980.

I rarely used B&W film
with my first SLR camera,
a Canon FTb QL that I still have.
“A Rainy Evening,” is a print

recently rediscovered,
by Mary Ann, 
by the lighting and
reflections of the moment.

I have no idea of the settings,
but it is reasonable to say
a very slow shutter speed with

a fairly low f-stop.

I’m not sure anybody cares
just one of many photo
projects taking me
to where I am today.

— know

3 responses to “One Of My Early Black And White Photographs

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  1. Great photo. I hadn’t thought about my first SLR, a Pietriflex 500, in several decades. Didn’t take long before it gradated to an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic. In those days those things were cheap in the PX in Korea. Right through the lens seems like magic!


  2. I bought my camera at PX in Okinawa, taking advantage of the lower prices.


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