Early Cheesecake   6 comments

early-cheesecake-blog-b-w2_art“Early Cheesecake” — Image by kenne

Hello, Old Girlfriend

I thought about you today,
Taking a big breath.

I thought about yesterday,
Exceeding my grasp.

I thought about time,
Wondering about timeless.

I thought about life,
Asking the question.

I thought about you,
Knowing not what I see.

I thought about what is,
Wondering why?

I thought about the ideal,
Seeking what could have been.

I thought about truth,
Confusing it with facts.

I thought about being,
Becoming aware.

I thought about love,
Touching the feeling.

I thought about Joy,
Feeling her inside.

I thought about the girl,
Where did she go?

I thought about tomorrow
In search of yesterday,


6 responses to “Early Cheesecake

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  1. She’s still here.


  2. I thought about tomorrow
    In search of yesterday,

    =) Delightful couplet, that.


  3. That’s a great picture of Joy, Kenne. I would wager that in some level, we are all searching for yesterday. You have a gift with words and images. Thanks for sharing with all of us. And thank Joy for not being camera-shy!


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