Kingwood, Texas Neighborhood Deals with Flooding From Harvey   3 comments

Kingwood (1 of 1)-6 blog IIA Flooded Neighborhood Grocery in Kingwood, Texas — Image by kenne 

We are here in Kingwood, Texas staying with one of our children, Jill, and grandson James in Kingwood, Texas, which is part of Houston. It flooding down in Houston, and unless you are on a mountain top disconnected from the social media world, this is not news to you. Record amounts have rain has fallen causes massive flooding, even in places that have never flooded.

Thousands of people are flooded out of the homes, and many have no place to go. Many of these people are those who are bearly able to get by on a daily basis. Many are the people who do our dirty work.

“Who’s gonna build your wall boys?
Who’s gonna mow your lawn?
Who’s gonna cook your Mexican food
When your Mexican maid is gone?

Who’s gonna wax the floors tonight
Down at the local mall?
Who’s gonna wash your baby’s face?
Who’s gonna build your wall?”

— Tom Russell

Today I spent part of my day driving through parts of Kingwood, a planned community where poor young Hispanics would not be able to afford to live. Yet, one-third of the Houston population is Hispanic, some of which may not be here legally. Regardless, without many of this population; Who would be doing our dirty-work? Who will help clean up Houston after Harvey? I was thinking about this question and its answer today during my drive when I saw a large group of people coming out of a local grocery store that had been flooded. 

— kenne




3 responses to “Kingwood, Texas Neighborhood Deals with Flooding From Harvey

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  1. Kenne, you are absolutely correct. Hispanics perform a large share of work in trades such as rooting, siding, insulation, drywall, carpeting, and landscaping. But, they have been blocked to a large degree from doing plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and cabinetry, not because they cannot learn to do it, but rather because Anglos fight to hang on to the higher paying, less physcially demanding construction occupations.


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    It was a year ago that good part of the Texas gulf coast was dealing with a lot of flooding. We happen to be in Kingwood, a planned community that is located in the northeast part of Houston. On the surface, things look what was normal has returned. But many are still are not out from underneath all the damage and hardship Harvey left behind. — kenne


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