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Pima Canyon-9466-2 blogHiking out of Pima Canon, January 3, 2014 — Image by kenne

Like any art, the art of living will evaporate if we don’t stay involved. 
We often hear the statement, “If you don’t use, you lose.” 

As a septuagenarian, this principle is most obvious in our physical bodies. 
If I spent three years sitting down, when the three years are up,
I won’t be able to walk. 

The same applies to any skill.
Stop using your creative imagination and it will evaporate. 
Stop caring and you conscience can switch off the same as anything else. 
We have to keep using our mind to keep it in shape. 

There is no reason we should become less able as the years go by. 
By continuing to use our mental and physical capacity to the full,
our mind will keep on working for us.

Since as human beings we become a part of our immediate environment,
it is important to stay involved. 
None of us are immune to the influence of our own world –
our friends, our family, our classmates, the books and magazines we read. 

These and others with which we live are constantly shaping our thoughts and our feelings. 
Life is what our thoughts make of it.
The Bible said, “Man is what he thinks about all day.”  

George Bernard Shaw won a Nobel Prize when nearly seventy,
Ben Franklin produced some of his best writings age eighty-four
and Pablo Picasso put brush to canvas right through his eighties. 

Keep practicing the art of living.


7 responses to “Keep Practicing The Art Of Living

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  1. Right on, loved this!


  2. I appreciate the reminder in your powerful message. Somehow as I get ready to turn 60 later this year, I am increasingly aware of the passage of time. The art of living? I like that combination of words.


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  4. omg is that what we are called,Septugenarian…sounds like a club – thanks for your sharing and caring, I reblogged this morning, I thought you said it so well, I’d pass it along, why chew the cabbage twice =^_^= in SL I discovered a retro sim, http// where my memory was really tickled by the creativity of the artists who have given life to 50s and 60s… there are also a lot of blues clubs that specialize in the music that was blues and R&B of our day.


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