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Old Tucson-9378_adobe window blogAdobe Window — Image by kenne

The Adobe – Layer at Sunset

by Henry Shukman 

It hits you
           while washing your trowel
                               in a bucket of sky:
wind humming in the ear,
                     on the mountains
                              italic shadows,
and the high snow
                     like blueberry ice.

The adobe homes
                     tucked in the hills
                              gaze out at the sunset
like kids in bed.
                     You know in your bones
                              there’s nowhere else.

Times like this
                     the world opens a door.
                             You step through,
breathe sweet
                     pine-smoked air
                              like nothing you ever
tasted before.

11 responses to “Adobe Window

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  1. The poem and your photo go together wonderfully — great images!


  2. Happy new year!! Looking forward to many posts from you in 2014 as well 🙂


  3. Like button won’t load Like Like Like …


  4. Reblogged this on hocuspocus13.


  5. You captured the grain of the adobe so well.


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