Crystal Springs Trail Forest Fire Recovery   7 comments

Images by kenne

Much of the Crystal Springs Trail area in the Santa Catalina Mountains was destroyed by the Aspen Fire ten years ago. Since then, much of the area has recovered with new vegetation. However, many of the large trees, although dead for ten years, still stand. Time is wearing on the dead forest and many large trees are falling each year, some falling across the mountain trails. Photos taken on a recent hike show the increased frequency of trees falling.


7 responses to “Crystal Springs Trail Forest Fire Recovery

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  1. This hike seems quite challenging. Is the trail maintained by anybody?


    • The trails are maintained by volunteers working with the Forest Service. These trees on the trail are new this year. As they age, more are falling each year. Most of these will probably be removed this year.


      • It’s nice to know that volunteers can help the Forest Service. Here in Ontario, the Bruce Trail is entirely maintained by volunteers. The cities take care of the other trails.


  2. We would love to post the bottom picture and possibly a few others along with an excerpt of your text at toemail if you do not mind?


  3. Thanks!


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