Manzanita Tree, You Do Turn Heads!   3 comments

Bug Springs April 2013Manzanita Tree — Images by kenne

Manzanita Tree Oh So Sweet!

Manzanita tree, oh so sweet!
Glued to bluffs hard to beat
Hanging out in the sun
Centuries pass having fun.

Twist and turn
You make knots to churn
Slow to grow
Time makes you glow!

Manzanita branches such a treat!
A shrub so stout quite the feat,
You weather time with fine design
Always looking just so divine!

Skeleton branches gray on the outside
But what a delight to find what’s inside
Manzanita, you transform wood oh so red!
Manzanita, you do turn heads!

Rich in gifts
With flowers and leaves
You make honey and potions
Or wedding stands and notions.

Treasures in wood so rich and red
Working with you, I never dread!
You finish so smooth
I think I’ll never move.

by Ron Bazar

The manzanita plant is one of my favorite desert plants because of its unusual color and shape with branches are dark red-mahogany color, intertwined with gray dead sections. In the Catalina mountains, the manzanitas are primarily found between 5,000-6,500 feet. This time of year, the manzanita plants are in bloom along the Bug Springs trail.


Bug Springs April 2013

Bug Springs April 2013

Bug Springs April 2013

3 responses to “Manzanita Tree, You Do Turn Heads!

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  2. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    With the start of much warmer temperatures in the basin, we start migrating up the mountain. — kenne


  3. It is exciting to come across the Manzanita– for all reasons described. I survey my memories and ‘see’ several…including huge pink piles of bear scat (from manzanita fruit gorging) on the mid-level region of Box Camp Trail!

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