Capturing The Moment — Snow On The Tucson Mountains   13 comments

Snow 2013

Snow 2013Images of the Tucson Mountains from the Catalina Foothills by kenne

Of the mountains surrounding Tucson, Santa Catalina, Rincon, and Santa Rita, the Tucson Mountains are lowest in elevation. Therefore, seeing snow on them is very unusual. The recent snows in the Tucson area provided for images rarely seen in this desert city.


13 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Snow On The Tucson Mountains

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  1. Beautiful shots of a beautiful place. :O)


  2. Lots of sky and sunshine on the snowcapped mountains behind the house make it such an uplifting photo. I sat back and relaxed while gazing at it.


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  4. Nice shot! Love the mountains w/snow. To me snow on the mailbox is no biggie & something I’m sick of, by now. But to see those incredibly lovely cacti growing at the base of the mailbox is wondrous & something I never see in New England.


  5. I love the mailbox shot. Snow on the mailbox and the cactus next to it. Just a nice shot.


  6. Thanks for the comment. Usually we have to go up into the mountains to see snow — officially we had 1″ here in Tucson with much more at the higher elevations.


  7. This is gorgeous! The snow being on the Tuscon mountains may be another sign of climate change.


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