Capturing The Moment — Kika’s Space   6 comments

Phoneline 12-21-12

Kika’s Space — Image by kenne

Misc Photos March 2010Anyone who has a cat will recognize this image. It’s their nature to be in the middle of whatever you are doing.

Being a blogger, I have noticed that many bloggers share photos of their cat(s). The other day when I saw yet another blogger cat image, Kika was in her usual place asleep in a position similar to the blogger’s cat. So, I captured the above image — cats being cats!


6 responses to “Capturing The Moment — Kika’s Space

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  1. Hi Kenne,
    With 7 cats around here, 2 of them still very young, I really know what you’re talking about! 😉
    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


  2. That video was great! Thanks for sharing it. I think I spend so much time on the computer because my cat, Albert, likes to sleep in my lap and I hate to disturb him.


    • I think we can all relate to the video. Just finished reading the NY Time article in this morning paper on the Hemingway cats. God bless cats. What it is we really love is their nature. If they can get away with it, it’s all on their terms — what not to love!


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