Human Footprints and Dinosaur Tracks — On The Moon?   2 comments

Area where dinosaur tracks are located near Tuba City, Arizona.

Driving north from Flagstaff to Page, Arizona, a few weeks ago, we neared an exist sign to Tuba City.  The sign to Tuba City would have probably gone unnoticed if not for another sign encouraging passersby to exit to see dinosaur tracks. I learned years ago to ignore such signs as bogus, so if not for the interest of my fellow traveler, Tom Markey, I would have passed by.

A few years ago, Tom contracted to translate a book whose author referenced the Tuba City tracks to support the creationist’s theory. Since I tend to question things in general, the idea that they were real dinosaur tracks caused me to place stopping to see dinosaur tracks in the same category as, “See The Thing!”

Navajo Guide in area where dinosaur tracks are located.

Stepping out of the car onto the high desert ground created images of a moon landing. As we followed our Navajo guide, he poured water on what were suppose to be dinosaur tracks to create more contrast outlining the tracks; I kept fighting off the feeling that we had been taken – Tom and Pattie’s skeptical expressions also didn’t help.

Pattie and Tom Markey with Navajo guide.

We continue to walk the moon-like surface, listening to our guide make his case for the dinosaur tracks, when he pointed out what was supposed to be a human footprint next to one of the dinosaur tracks, causing my “bogus meter” to start pinging. Like most beliefs, “you take one side and I will take the other.” Or, you can just Google it!

At any rate, my professor neighbor, with a PhD in anthropology and a masters in geology, confirmed my skepticism – “It’s all a hoax!”


San Francisco Peaks viewed  from near Tuba City. Images by kenne

2 responses to “Human Footprints and Dinosaur Tracks — On The Moon?

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  2. Thank you for supplying an overwhelming mountain of evidence – your friend’s opinion – that the tracks are a hoax. As opposed to, say, “tool marks”, “witnesses”, or anything actually credible to support your conclusion.


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