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“Seeking Knowledge” — Image by kenne

The answer is . . .

 Often when I ask the question,
The answer is,
why must you doubt?”
The answer is . . .

Because, history teaches us,
teaching us right and wrong,
lessons by which to live —
The stories of life;
stories of value,
only if not taken literally.

The written word
is but a template,
for customizing life
in a world of change —
For providing the guide posts,
not the direction.

There’s nothing else there,
but what’s potential
in a field of doubt,
lead about by a guide,
like a stranger
in another reality.

We are expected to praise
the sentiments of the guide,
as if not worthy
to form an opinion,
leaving conclusions
to the turn of a phrase.

Let there be
no more assumptions,
for the responsibility
rests with the nature
of the subject at hand,
in a state of mind.

It is the love of discourse
that I speak, that I write,
that I seek knowledge;
a new paradigm
for  new decisions.
The answer is . . .

— kenne

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    This post is from September 2011; however, the Photo-Artistry is from 2001. — kenne


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