Malcolm Alexander — “Nobody Ever Asked Me How I Felt!”   3 comments

Malcolm Alexander — Image by kenne

Malcolm Alexander made a reputation as a sculptor by answering the question, “What do you think?” He spent years telling stories, and he was good at it, like creating an 18-foot monument dedicated to the 72,000 men and women who built the Alaskan Pipeline, or a nine-foot portrait of actor Jimmy Stewart. After being commissioned to create many monuments and sculptures of workers, sports and entertainment figures, Malcolm wanted to focus on answering the question, “What do you feel?”

The transition from the realistic (representational) to the contemporary, unique, never to be duplicated art, was Malcolm’s topic at the “2011 Tanuri Ridge Education & Recreation Opportunities,” series coördinated by Tom O’Rourke. His presentation also included a slide presentation on the two and a half-year process of building the Alaskan Pipeline monument and his early struggle with dyslexia.


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3 responses to “Malcolm Alexander — “Nobody Ever Asked Me How I Felt!”

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  1. Hi, Malcolm,

    Where are you living and what are you doing? Somehow we seem to have lost track of each other. I am living still on Boca Grande FL, just back from a trip with my nephew-in-law who was filming a documentary in China, have been doing some teaching, and a fair amount of nonprofit consulting and searches for leaders.

    I figure that since I will soon be 82, you must be pushing 87. Let’s not let any more time fly by without connecting again.

    I never did hear about your book after I agreed to write an intro in a phone call from a woman whose name escapes me- and have not been able to find out if it has been published.

    I do hope you are well, happy, and continuing to be amazingly creative.

    Lots of love,



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  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    During this past decade, we got to know some fascinating a pleasurable people to be around. One such person was artist Malcolm Alexander. Malcolm was a very friendly introvert that wanted you to do most of the talking. If you take the time to read this post, you may want to click on some of my other posting on Malcolm. We are pleased to have a copy of his self-published memoir, which he completed before moving back to Santa Fe in 2013. — kenne


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