Capturing the Moment On This My Driftwood Seventieth Wind-Turned Age   6 comments

Images by kenne

A few images of hiking in Sabino Canyon and a verse from Whitman’s “The Mystic Trumpeter:”

Blow again trumpeter! and for thy theme,
Take now the enclosing theme of all, the solvent and the setting,
Love, that is pulse of all, the sustenance and the pang,
The heart of man and woman all for love,
No other theme but love – knitting, enclosing, all-diffusing love.

O how the immortal phantoms crowd around me!
I see the vast alembic ever working, I see and know the flames that
heat the world,
The glow, the blush, the beating hearts of lovers,
So blissful happy some, and some so silent, dark, and nigh to death;
Love, that is all the earth to lovers – love, that mocks time and
Love, that is day and night – love, that is sun and moon and stars,
Love, that is crimson, sumptuous, sick with perfume,
No other words but words of love, no other thought but love

I am so blessed to be alive and healthy on this “. . . my driftwood seventieth wind-turned age.”


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6 responses to “Capturing the Moment On This My Driftwood Seventieth Wind-Turned Age

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  1. This is really something, cool. The photography goes great with the Whitman.


  2. Happy Birthday, Kenne! You beat me over the 70 line, but just by inches. It is a grand age and wonderful to see you embracing it.


  3. very nice picture of the sun just coming up. -Kim


  4. Looks like you had a good day for your big 7-0!


    • It was a very good day. Our next-door neighbor had a party — not a birthday party, but a neighborhood party. I was careful not to let on about it being my birthday, since we have known about the party for a month and wanted to attend so we could meet more of our neighbors. No birthday partying this year.


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