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On the same day the Blues world lost one of its own (Mean Gene Kelton) , I received word that one of the past Writers In Performance Emily Dickinson  panelist, Susan Bright, long time poet / publisher (Plainview Press) succumbed to liver cancer. Susan was author of 19 books of poetry, three of which have been recipients of Austin Book Awards. As editor/publisher of Plain View Press since 1975, she had published 100 books. Her work as a poet, publisher, activist and educator has taken her all over the United States. Montgomery County Literary Arts Council founder, Dave Parsons shared in an email how Susan adored swimming at Barton Springs, “. . . which of course, made her my blood-sister…she was a real force for poets in Texas…here is a poem she wrote which has been published on Facebook as a fitting tribute:”

Mother Fish

The Swimmers,
the real ones
are clear
and emerald
like the water
that pulses
up from the center
of the planet
and cold.

blend with the water
so fast
you don’t see them
except when
they get in
or out–
they are invisible
once they’re

They dry off
and go
but the essence
stays with
a glow
just below the surface
of the skin–
emerald light.

~Susan Bright – from “House of the Mother”, Austin Book Award, 1994


(Click here to view the Susan Bright Memorial Page.)

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