Capturing the Moment — Red Bird of Paradise   2 comments

Red Bird of Paradise is a flowering desert plant that most people in southern Arizona call the Mexican Bird of Paradise. The real Mexican Bird of Paradise in a tree with all yellow blooms. Of course neither look like the tropical Bird of Paradise many of us are used to seeing. These two photos are of plants along side our drive. Images by kenne

2 responses to “Capturing the Moment — Red Bird of Paradise

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  1. WOW! Wonderful colors. Looking forward to seeing you in November while I am visiting my Uncle in Tucson. He was just inducted into the Tuscon Music Hall of Fame for his years of work with the Tucson Symphany Orchestra and other orchestras!


    • . . . thanks and likewise. We have learned a lot about the Tucson area, but so much to to learn and digest yet. Joy, however, is still trying to adjust to all the critters. She differently not a pioneer woman. Jazz is really big here — live and on the radio. Haven’t had a chance to take in the sympathy yet. Next weekend we will be down in Bisbee for the Bisbee Blues Festival. Should be a lot of fun.


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