Capturing the Moment — Happy Birthday, Old Pueblo!   Leave a comment

Views of Tucson from the Catalina Mountains — Images by kenne

Thursday, I was attending one of the Tucson Rotary Clubs. As often is the case, the sergeant-at-arms was asking questions and giving fines to people who could not answer the question. One question was, “Who is having a birthday tomorrow?” After several attempts, someone finally guessed, “Tucson.” Then the sergeant-at-arms asked,” How old is Tucson?” I knew the answer, but being a guest, he didn’t ask me. I was surprised at how many didn’t know the answer — 235 years old. Being new to the community and behaving much like a convert, I thought it was important to know that the Old Pueblo was founded August 20, 1765, so one should celebrate the day, or at least be aware of the birthday. So, yesterday I decided to drive into the Catalina Mountains to take some pictures of the city on its birthday.



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