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A week after taking a ride with “the king of the blues,” BB King, in his old beat-up Cadillac, we went for a ride in a Cadillac CTS with a the versatile pop singer, Cyndi Lauper, who may not be “the queen of the blues,” but knows how to have fun singing the blues. Both entertainers have many followers and each a legend in his/her own right, but Lauper continues to grow and morph into a new dynamic of her being.

The Lauper concert took place at the 5,000-seat Anselmo Valencia Tori Amphitheater (AVA), which is part of the Del Sol Casino, on a night that lightning showcased the surrounding venue. The  AVA is a perfect size for an outdoor facility, allowing for intimacy that is often lost in larger venues. Our seats were in the back of the covered area, which is notable in the video clip below, let still allowing for an excellent view. It should also be noted that the AVA has a very good sound system, so we will probably be going back to see other entertainers.

As Cyndi Lauper’s website notes, Memphis Blues album continues its streak at #1 on the Billboard Blues Chart for the 7th week in row! Although the album is great, and is in my collection, it’s popularity is probably more due to her legion of fans and not “die-hard” blues fans — we are exceptions. Since Cyndi’s current tour is the “Memphis Blues Tour,” 60 % of the show consisted of songs from the new album, the remainder were her songs, for which most of the audience could sing to.

The blues is all about feelings and one thing Cyndi can’t be denied is feelings. Couple that with a sexy woman in control, whose attire conveyed an image of woman and bird, before you knew it you are under her seductive spell, which appeals to your spirit for life. Cyndi is still showing the world that “Girls just wanna have fun!” In a way, it was very fitting that this very human girl ending the evening with Memphis Slim’s “Mother Earth.”


2 responses to “Cyndi Lauper Has Fun Singing The Blues

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  1. Looks like fun. Loved the part where the kids were on stage with her….


  2. . . . we would definitely go see her again!


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