Stone Balancing On The Patio   3 comments

Image by kenne

Call it a Zen thing, call it therapeutic or call it just plain crazy, but I love balancing stones, even in 102 degree desert heat. I also did one alone Tanuri Drive for passers-by to see. There are plenty of stones around to balance.


Posted July 17, 2010 by kenneturner in Art, Photography

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3 responses to “Stone Balancing On The Patio

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  1. WOW!!


  2. For whatever reason, I’m glad you did. This is a great shot!


  3. What any one image could be interpreted as simplistic (and express only a simplistic WOW) indeed is a challenge to the interpretation of classical composition, a set of overlapping elements that produce an unusual visual tension in the image, enhanced by the option of granting little or no depth of field.
    It is a complex work of simplicity, no doubt.


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