Nurturing Each Moment   2 comments

Image by kenne

Nurturing each Moment

nearby foothills
home of DeGrazia

low moving clouds
moving over the mountains

blues in the air
coming from the Boonduck’s

cat on the guard
lying low in pursuit

sing in the night
adding to the aura

heat up,
roast in the day
cooling with the darkness

cool on the rocks
soothing the solitude

smoke in the air
mixing with the night wind

brighten the sky
pushing back the soft clouds

in the forecast
teasing the believers

clock in a.m.
seeking the morning light

of early birds
singing of existing truth

Lycra on two wheels
biking to the mountains

Sonoran sun
hiking Mount Lemmon’s peak

mind in control
nurturing each moment

— kenne

Posted July 11, 2010 by kenneturner in Art, Life, Photography, Poetry

2 responses to “Nurturing Each Moment

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  1. Kenne…I must say, seems to me your creative side is been wildly let loose out there in the desert and I, of course, love being allowed to remember with you some of the past readings and the work of the authors and then, reading your poetic responses…it also makes me sorry we did not tape those early writers…especially, Grace Paley and W.D.Snodgrass…’course, I doubt Dee would have let us. Well, if we could have gotten those Red Wolf beers into him before instead of after the reading. Carry on my friend!!!


  2. . . . my friend, creativity is a state of mind and certain locations have a way of generating the state. Thanks for your comment.

    Joy and I have been reading Nancy’s journal — it’s great to follow. Actually, we would like to see you guys move to Montana, then we could come visit you in the great state to the north.


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