IBC Youth Showcase – The Jake Bishop Band   9 comments

Friday afternoon at the International Blues Challenge was the Youth Showcase, which turned out to be a real enjoyable experience for Joy and I.

Before going to the IBC, through my Blues connections, I had become a fan of the Detroit Blues Society.  So, when reviewing the Youth Showcase bands, I noticed the Detroit Blues Society sponsored one band, The Jake Bishop Band.  Remember the name, they are good!

The video audio doesn’t do justice to the band, which is why I have purchased an external mic for future use.


(Photo Set)

9 responses to “IBC Youth Showcase – The Jake Bishop Band

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  1. Kenne,

    Thanks so much for posting this! I have been working with Jake since he was 14 and I am constantly amazed at his rapid musical growth and his cat-like sense of stage presence.

    He has blossomed into a fine, young musician and my decision 3 years ago to team him up in a band with veteran musicians, in retrospect, was one of the smartest things that I have ever done. He is a great kid with NO EGO WHATSOEVER – wise beyond his years.

    It is our job, as Blues Societies, to seek out this new talent and assist them to attain the next level – I would encourage all of you to do so. The rewards will far outweigh the risks – I CAN ASSURE YOU OF THAT.

    He is ready to hit the festival circuit and if there is any interest out there, visit us at http://www.backroadsbookingagency.com or email me directly at steve@backroadsbookingagency.com.

    Thanks again!
    Steve Allen
    Detroit Blues Society VP


  2. I’ve added a short clip of the Jake Bishop Band to my videos on YouTube –


  3. I made the last reply, but didn’t noticed that I was logged in as MCLAC — sometimes I confuse myself.


  4. Kenne

    This is Jake Bishop’s mom would love to send you some MP3 do you have a
    seperate email.


  5. Saw Jake’s band play in Caseville on 6/19. Absolutely awesome. His ability is beyond words. This young man is incredibly talented. I believe that I experienced one of those rare times in life that someday in the furure I will look back and say, “I saw him when…..”


  6. I am proud and happy to report that Jake has now signed a recording deal and moved to Nashville in September. He is writing, performing, and pretty much amazing everyone, on a daily basis, that he comes in contact with. This young fella is going to go a very long way.


  7. Great news! I’m not surprised. I only wish I had the external mic I’m now using — check our two recent videos I made from the Bisbee Blues Festival.

    I’m now living in Tucson where I’m following the Blues scene on southern Arizona and continue to stay connected to the Houston Blues Society. This year The Houston Blues Society will be sending The Mighty Orq (www.mightyorq.com) and The Ezra Charles Band (www.ezracharles.com) to Memphis, during the first week of February for the epic International Blues Challenge! Both should be very competitive.


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