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Ken & Kitty Davis

December 31, 2009, a time of reviewing the past and of new resolutions. For me, this is a process that includes retrieving and assembling photos that help reconstruct memories. However, this labor of love took on a different meaning after learning late in the day that Kitty Davis had lost her battle with cancer that morning. Two days later, Joy and I attended a memorial service for Kitty at the First Presbyterian Church in Conroe. The church was packed with friends and family exchanging personal memories with the collective memory of a community that had grown in the love and caring friendship of this very special person.

Words can resurrect the past, serving to memorialize, but it is photographs that allow us to prompt the elusive feelings that contribute to our being able to develop an awareness of how the past relates to our memories in the present.

It was through the reading club, “The Society of the 5th Cave,” that I met Ken Davis, Kitty’s husband for life. The friendships developed in the 5th Cave created social occasions, which provided an opportunity to take some of the photographs in this posting.

In addition to the 5th Cave connection, there was the Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) at Montgomery College connection. Having been involved in creating this organization, I was able to witness Kitty living out one of her passions, yoga. On two occasions, January 2004 and 2005, I photographed the yoga sessions conducted by John Friend, founder of Anusra Yoga, and son of community leader and charter member of ALL, Ann Friend. I knew Kitty was in some of my photos, which I now share so they may invoke in you, as they do in me, this line from one of my favorite songs, Stardust: “Love is the stardust of yesterday, the music of the years gone by.”

Stardust Memories

The past is not for replay
But for the stardust of yesterdays

Yesterdays, a time, a place
Gently massaging forgotten dreams

Dreams giving clues to
Our stardust memories

Memories fading for now
Only reborn to our imagination

Imagination directs the soul to
Reconstruct old moments

Moments experiencing rapture
In the joy of our love

Love is the stardust of yesterday
The music of the years to come

May these words and images gently sprinkle down on our collective stardust memories of Kitty.

— kenne
(Photo Set)

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