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One of the ways I greet the new year is to go back through my blog, reviewing the past years. This posting first appeared thirteen years ago, and I was surprised I had not already reblogged this posting. I still communicate with Ken via Messenger. We have always connected in one form or another. — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Ken & Kitty Davis

December 31, 2009, a time of reviewing the past and new resolutions. This process includes retrieving and assembling photos that help reconstruct memories. However, this labor of love took on a different meaning after learning that morning that Kitty Davis had lost her battle with cancer. Two days later, Joy and I attended a memorial service for Kitty at the First Presbyterian Church in Conroe. The church was packed with friends and family exchanging personal memories with the collective memory of a community that had grown in this exceptional person’s love and caring friendship.
Words can resurrect the past, serving to memorialize it. Still, photographs allow us to prompt the elusive feelings that contribute to our being able to develop an awareness of how the past relates to our memories in the present.
Through the reading club, “The Society of the 5th Cave,” I met Ken…

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