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I believe that all the little things in life add up to one’s life. So, it’s important to get them right; otherwise, nothing else matters.  I’m here to tell you that Ken and Mary Harris have been getting it right for a long time.

They love people, and they love the Blues, and for years now have been doing a lot of little things that have been adding up in the form of the “Blues Project.”

Several times a year, Ken and Mary open their home to friends and their guests to experience the best in blues music this side of Texas. Sadly, many have no idea what they are missing, and sometimes it can get lonely in the promise land by yourself.

Even so, Ken and Mary’s Blues Project remains a portal to the Blues, through which many enter in their East Texas travels. One recent traveler (November 14, 2009) was an eclectic singer-songwriter, Ray Bonneville. I use the word eclectic, as in free, simply because there is something about Ray and his music that causes one to recoil at the thought of putting him in a box.

Just as Ray may write about a place he has lived, e.g., New Orleans, he is not from there. He is a traveler in other people’s reality, writing stories that serve as a portal to his existence.

“Firefly comin’ this way
a flickering light is to say
time ain’t but this long
here tonight, tomorrow gone.”

— from “Goin’ By Feel”

As a fellow traveler in the reality of others, I hope our paths will cross again soon.


(Oh, I almost forgot — HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Ken!)

(Photo Set)

3 responses to “Ray Bonneville @ Ken & Mary’s Blues Project

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  1. WOW!! Thanks so much for the kind words about our labor of love, the Blues Project. Ray’s show was stellar!! It was a beautiful fall evening to celebrate life, family, and friends with our special guest Ray. We have been told that magic happens at the ‘Projcet and that vibe was there Sat evening. Everyone was blown away with his music. Love this video!
    Dave and Joe not only did a fine job opening the evening they stayed and played with Mike Durbin around the firepit till the wee hours of the morning. It was a memorable birthday celebration. Thank you for capturing a few moments so we can revisit that special night.


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  3. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    August 30, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, “The Big Easy.” Since that time, many songs have been written about this storm and the loss suffered. However the music and soul of this one of a kind city was not destroyed. Now nine years later I’m sharing again a posting I did November 18, 2009 that includes a song by Ray Bonneville, “The Big Easy.”
    Ray was on the east Texas house concert stage of Ken & Mary’s Blues Project. Like so many evening at Ken & Mary’s in pineywoods of East Texas, this was one of many memoral evenings.
    As I do on many Saturday evening here in Tucson, I was listening to Marty Kool’s blues program on KXCI, and he had a segment on New Orleans. One of the songs he played was Bonneville’s “Big Easy.” This video, if I say so myself, captures the feeling and soul of Bonneville’s love of the city called “The Big Easy.” I’m so pleased I was there to capture the moment. — kenne


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