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Houston Blues Finals  8127 - 2009-10-25 at 19-04-52 (1) blogSonny Boy Terry Band

Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar was packed on a warm sunny fall Sunday afternoon in the old Heights area of Houston – the reason, the Houston finals of the International Blues Challenge, sponsored by the Houston Blues Society (HBS). The competition, which started two Sunday’s ago, involved the four finalists in each of the solo/duo and band categories.

SOLO DUO COMPETITION Houston Blues Finals  8113 - 2009-10-25 at 17-37-06 blog





BAND COMPETITION Houston Blues Finals  8097 - 2009-10-25 at 16-58-31 blog





Houston Blues Finals  8109 - 2009-10-25 at 17-32-53 blogIt has been several years since we last attended the annual finals competition, this time encouraged by one of our Houston Blues favorites and friend, Sonny Boy Terry being a finalist. Houston Blues Finals  8118 - 2009-10-25 at 17-56-05 blogNot able to make it to Dan Electro’s in time to see but one of the solo/duo finalists, we eagerly waited to hear the band appearance order — learning that Terry was last, we were encouraged. Talent is important, but when musicians are performing at this level, the psychological edge of being last can make the difference. Having the edge or not, Houston Blues Finals  8120 - 2009-10-25 at 18-21-52 blogSonny Boy Terry and his band were selected to be one of over 160 acts at the 26th Annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis, January 20th – 23rd. DuPree was the winner in the solo/duo category. Congratulations to the winners!

Those attending the competition had an opportunity to experience some excellent musicians who perform regularly at venues throughout Houston and the gulf coast region. Everyone is encouraged to support live music, and the Blues, by attending local venues, such as Dan Electro’s Guitar Bar, and by joining the Houston Blues Society.


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