In Memory of Rusty Weir   1 comment

Rusty Wier Art II

Photo-Artistry by kenne

This past week, my friend Dave Parsons lost a very close “Austin day’s” friend, Rusty Weir. He died on October 9th at the young age of 65. Somewhere in my years of friendship with Dave, Rusty’s name came up – I can’t remember when, but the conversation probably had to do with music and friendship. It was obvious that Dave was proud to have been Rusty’s friend since the ’60s, as he would share a story or two in a language only a friend could truly express. Such moments are always endearing.

I knew Rusty only as an Austin Texas singer-songwriter (Don’t It Make You Wanna Dance), someone Joy and I enjoyed seeing at Wunsche Brothers’ Café and Saloon in Old Town Spring, Texas during the late ’80s, which also created endearing moments for us.

After having hosted the September meeting of the Society of the 5th Cave, Dave and I were talking, and as we slowly walked outside, he shared the news that his friend was under hospice care, which told us Rusty’s days were numbered. The death of a loved one is never an easy ingredient of life, especially when it’s someone that is part of your very fabric.

— kenne


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    Been thinking about Austin in the ’70s and ’80s and started getting some of those old feelings. I’m reblogging this October 2009 posting with a little updating. — kenne


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