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Tom Get the Picture sunset blogThomas R. Turner – Image by kenne

get the picture

who . . .
you are
is who you become
who you become
is who you are

what . . .
you see
is what you experience
what you experience
is what you see

where . . .
you are
is where you exist
where you exist
is where you are

when . . .
you appreciate
is when you know
when you know
is when you appreciate

how . . .
you think
is how you believe
how you believe
is how you think

get . . .
the picture
you will dream
get the dream
you get the picture

— kenne

Posted October 11, 2009 by kenneturner in Art, Family, Life, Photography, Poetry

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5 responses to “Get the Picture

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  1. Imagery and/or positive focus?


  2. . . . both. More to come.


  3. Very cool photo art Dad…


  4. . . . working a on video using this photo coming together with a different poem titled, “It Ain’t Easy.” Hope to post tomorrow.


  5. Reblogged this on Becoming is Superior to Being and commented:

    This post first appeared ten years ago, October 11, 2009. — kenne


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