“Are You a Turtle?”   3 comments

turtlelogo-650I first became a Turtle about thirty-fives years ago — I mean a “card-carrying” member of The International Association of Turtles with T-shirt and all. It has now been years since I recall being asked, or asking someone, “Are You a Turtle?” So, why ask the question now? Well, Facebook friend, Kathy McNeily recently posted photos of her Turtle Release Program, which received several comments.

This seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask Kathy if she knew the answer to, “Are you a turtle?” Her reply was, “Hmmm…” Since she didn’t give the password, she now owes me a drink. The password is one you will never forget. When asked, “Are you a Turtle?” you must then reply, “You bet your sweet ass I am.” If you do not give the password in full, you forfeit a beverage of Turtle’s choice.

Ok, so what’s the deal? I mean, you are thinking, “What’s all this Turtle s***? As I understand the story, while in an English pub during WWII, a group of American Pilots formed The International Association of Turtles. To become a member, “you must think with a clean mind and you must be willing to stick your neck out for yourself and for other people in need.” To determine if you are of “a clean mind” you must answer the following question with clean-minded correct answers:

1. What is it a man can do standing up, a woman sitting down, and a dog on three legs? (Answer: shake hands).

2. What is it that a cow has four of and woman has only two of? (Answer: legs).

3. What is a four letter word ending in ‘k’ that means the same as intercourse? (Answer: talk).

4. What is it on a man that is round, hard, and sticks so far out of his pajamas that you can hand a hat on it? (Answer: his head).

If interested, you can join the Turtles by paying a $5 initiation fee.


Posted March 24, 2009 by kenneturner in Friends, Information, Life

3 responses to ““Are You a Turtle?”

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  1. You should have asked me…then you would have owed ME a drink…


  2. YBYSAIA… Bloop Bloop Bloop!!


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