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This posting first appeared August 10, 2007 on my 360 Yahoo blog, .  I thought of it this morning when reading an article about some classic rock stations censoring the Eagles.  Many of us have the Eagles album, “Hotel California,” or have heard the song, “Life In the Fast Lane.” Recently, some radio stations have begun to censor the song. You probably know the line: We’ve been up and down this highway/haven’t seen a goddamn thing. Such censorship is not required by the FCC (at least not yet), so such censorship is a local station decision.  The good news is that most stations continue to play the original version.


“Well, I’m Standin’ On the Corner in Winslow Arizona”
“…and such a fine sight to see.”

Our next stop was not planned. Leaving the Petrified Forest we were again on I-40 headed west — Holbrook, Joseph City, Winslow, Flagstaff, when Joy asked; “Who recorded the song that has the line, “…Standin’ on the Corner in Winslow Arizona?” Easy answer, but the best I could do was to think, Don Henley. How could I be so close and not think of the Eagles!

So, of course we had to stop, take photos and buy a souvenir. At first glance, there’s not much in the little desert town, but like the desert, it’s the second look that brings out the beauty. The “standin’ on the corner” line from the Eagles song “Take It Easy,” has managed to put new live in this desert town most people would pass by on their way to nowhere.

Each September there is the annual Standin’ on the Corner Festival that not only takes advantage of the song reference, but also advantage of being one of the towns along the old Route 66. Believe me, there’s a “cottage industry” taking place all along the old historical route.

Next time you’re in northern Arizona, don’t just pass by Winslow, “…take it easy, don’t let the sound of your wheels make you crazy!”


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