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mean-gene-kelton-new-years-eve-college-title-blog“New Year’s Eve Matinee Show? You’re crazy Mean Gene!”  Well, Mean Gene Kelton may be crazy, but having a daytime Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Show mean-gene-kelton-new-years-eve-4894-blogat Rowdy Bucks proved that it was one hell of a good idea.  What we witnessed was a lot of partying people celebrating New Year’s Eve in the afternoon. Whoever said you couldn’t celebrate New Year’s Eve without counting down to midnight – we will leave that to the “Times Square” people.

So, here’s a recipe for real fun on New Year’s Eve:
•    One large dance hall
•    One super Blues/Rockin’ band
•    A dash of snacks
•    Lots of beer and other drinks
•    Lots of fun luving people
•    And “Road Dogs” for those having too much fun!
•    Mix and bake till the music stops

Mean Gene has already committed to a “bigger & better” New Year’s Eve Matinee at the end of this year.

Thanks Gene, for helping some of us kick 2008 in the ass as it left the hall!

(Photo Set)

Posted January 2, 2009 by kenneturner in Blues, Music, Photography

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