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One Week Later — September 20, 2008   4 comments

The Week That Was
No longer questioning the storm’s track,
my mission was to share the Ike experience.
In two days before Ike’s arrival, I was blogging
with no less than fourteen postings.

Either overly optimistic or just stupid,
the posting stopped 6:00 a.m. Saturday
when we lost electrical power —
so much for good intentions.

Did I underestimate Ike’s power? Yes!
We were told it would be weeks
before power would return to our community
Did I remain optimistic? Yes, expecting only days.

Did I know something others didn’t know?  No!
Only a feeling, which came true in just four days.
Yet, one week after Ike’s arrival,
fifty percent of southeast Texas lacks power.

Power or none, we all remain joined at the hip,
unable to run up the pole,
able to see the answers,
but unable to respond.

Technology allowed Ike’s menacing approach
to be viewed – we knew Ike was coming.
Yet, many were not prepared
any more than the people of 1900.

What a week!
Ike brings us back to the basics,
the simple things upon which we build a life. —
and rebuild when it is destroyed.

A bad as things have been,
we all know it could have been much worse.
Twenty-five years ago, some of us lived through Alisa
and remember well the impact on the Houston area.

It was August and very hot.
Water was not an issue,
gas and ice were difficult to obtain,
but for most the power was back on in a few days.

Still,  millions remain without power,
about to lose nature’s early fall temperatures.
Getting back to the basics reminds us,
Good things don’t last forever.

What a week!
While Ike damaged our roads and shelters
speculators and short sellers forced the
government to nationalize the financial community.

Again, we are reminded,
“It’s all about the basics!”
Too bad we have short memories,
but this too will pass.


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