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Sure, Nobody Saw It Coming   1 comment

Image by Benoit Michelot

For some time now, all the top Wall Street CEO’s have been singing the course “Nobody so it coming!” Sure!

Each week I try to listen to “This American Life,” of Chicago Public Radio. This week’s broadcast was “Inside Job,” a seven-month’s work of an investigative journalists group from ProPublica. Click here to hear the broadcast. For more information, go to

Many who did see it coming were in fact, “Betting Against The American Dream”

Bet Against the American Dream from Alexander Hotz on Vimeo.

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Stop Trying to Figure It Out, May 12, 2008   Leave a comment

Stop Trying to Figure It Out!

If you have been wondering how the credit crisis came about, listen to this report that was on last Friday’s “All Things Considered.” The Ira Glass, This American Life group out of Chicago Public Radio, working with NPR, produced this segment. It’s very informative, plus it’s done in the This American Life story-telling style with music interspersed. Cool. Here’s the link.


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