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Avalon, Catalina Island   1 comment

Avalon, Catalina Island — Photo-Artistry by kenne

Santa Catalina Island

Island, I can see you – distant fine pearl.
We drop harbor anchor, music greets us.
Leis are given by a native grown girl.
We walk ocean street not using road’s bus.
Hostel makes us welcomed showing no fuss.
Time includes glass bottom boat and day’s swim.
We watch manta ray, intrusive old cuss,
thinking someone might soon try to spike him.
Aviary sanctuary, slope’s rim,
bison grazing, cycling city’s alleys,
total living, sharing life to stein’s brim.
So ” manana,” we will make more sallies.
We will charter boat and troll as Zane Grey,
catching huge fish, I can write book someday.

— Alfred Berggren

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