Happy Mother’s day and a poem. He remembers love.   1 comment

Good on, John — he remembers her love.


He remembers love…

Old man sat by the Lake St. Clair. He saw an auburn beauty walking the the biking path. Her eyes of sea-water blue and her soft smile lost in kind memory made him remember her.

She was a beauty. Her eyes filled with mischief and bluer than the free and wild Pacific. He remembered her. He remembered when she turned to him and she asked. “Dear Johnnie, dear poet. You must join the dance, you must create the song of love and hope. Waiting for perfect Goddess or muse will leave you alone and filled with regret.”

He smiled at her and he cherish the view. She took his breathe away and she was tall, she had long tan legs and vibrant heart. He told her. I have become cold dear Anna. You don’t want a man who hold regret over love. You can’t heal the scars…

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Posted May 14, 2023 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. A great film, I see it a xxxx time and never done about it !

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