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Today, May 1st, is Beltane.

Beltane roughly means ‘bright fire’ and it represents the start of Gaelic summer in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man.

It represents one of the most important Celtic rituals, celebrated around a bonfire. Beltane is one of four Gaelic festivals: Samhain (1 November), Imbolc (1 February), Beltane (1 May), and Lughnasadh (1 August).

Fire, with its cleansing, purifying, and healing powers helps the community who celebrates around the bonfire by dancing, singing, and feasting.

Farmers brought their cattle around the bonfires to cleanse and protect them before bringing them to the pastures.

Special bonfires were kindled and their flames, smoke, and ashes were used to protect people, animals, and houses. All household fires would be doused, the fireplaces were cleaned and the ash removed, so a new fire could be lit using the Beltane bonfire.

The community gathered and celebrated with a huge…

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  1. Very interesting.


    Michael Sammut

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