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. . . no words, thought or prayers can remove sadness.

annarino writes

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There are no words.

Not even thoughts nor prayers

can escape beyond the grief.

Three nine year old Nashville children

could not hold the line

we asked and trained them to do.

The line has grown and stretched

and wrapped itself around

Columbine, Margory Stoneman Douglas,

Uvalde, Sandy Hook, Amish school,

Pulse, Binghampton, Carthage nursing home,

University of Texas tower, University of Virginia,

Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois University

Washington Navy Yard, Fort Hood one and two,

San Bernardino, Edmund Post Office,

San Ysidro Mc Donald’s, LA dance studio,

El Paso and Virginia Walmarts, Planned Parenthood,

Birmingham church potluck, Living Church of God,

Sacramento and Texas First Baptist Church,

Tree of Life synagogue, Sikh Temple,

Buffalo and Boulder supermarkets, IHOP

Molson Coors and Hartford Beer,

Fed X, UPS, Xerox, Lockheed Martin.

The list goes on and on stretching ever longer

the lines we should never…

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Posted March 30, 2023 by kenneturner in Information

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