Upward Mobility   Leave a comment

Intellectual Shaman

Upward mobility

isn’t funny

when you realize

there’s nothing up there



soulless stares

and a bunch of laughter, coming from a madman

because he lost it

on his climb to nowhere.

I want better friends

I want better stuff

Why am I

not enough?

I don’t want to sit at this desk all day

but I have to


I won’t be able to pay

for what somebody else wants

and can’t have.

Envy Me!

I want a

girlfriend with fake titties

or a tiger trained

not to kill

or the admiration of a talk show host

who lives off the souls

of originals.

It’s pretty fucked up

and pretty, gets ugly, fast


Rape is the only act

that can steal somebody’s dignity

and they

can never get that back.

Soul gone, like a golf ball

hit into the woods

by Tiger Woods.

Mascara running,

like dirty…

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Posted December 17, 2022 by kenneturner in Information

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