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Anyone who has a hummingbird feeder can relate to this poem. They can be so entertaining to watch. — kenne

Silver Birch Press

hummingbird1Hummingbird Wars
by Robina Rader

I could have mopped the kitchen floor,
but I sat and watched the hummingbirds.
One sipped at the feeder until another
zoomed in, and they took off
chasing each other, each claiming dibs.
They put on an aerobatic display
as they jousted, feinted, parried
and zipped away, their wings a blur.

In the background, a blue jay complained
as he flew from tree to tree.
A groundhog appeared from under
the neighbor’s shed, looked around,
and waddled toward the tree line.
Overhead, a crow flapped steadily.

It was a beautiful summer morning
with plenty of entertainment,
but my chores were waiting.
Then the hummingbirds started in again—
zip, zap, zing!
And the to-do list was back on hold.

PHOTO:Hummingbird Standoff at the Feeder by Stan Lupo.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: I find that observing nature, especially when it allows me to postpone housework, can…

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Posted October 30, 2022 by kenneturner in Information

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