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Old Jules nailed it again. Thanks, Jeanne, for maintaining his blog. — kenne

So Far From Heaven

Jack wrote this in September, 2006. An additional “comment” at the end.

One of the blessings of not knowing much about history, which most Americans carefully do not, is the blessing of not having to trouble one’s self with knowing how current affairs bear a lot of similarity to past events.

“Remember the Maine” was the cry that stirred up public sentiment for the Spanish American War.  The USS Maine was sunk in harbor by sabatage, which was the stated cause for that war, giving the US ownership of Cuba and the Phillipines Islands.

A couple of generations afterward, historians quietly discovered the incident was almost certainly perpetrated by the US Government.

“Remember the Lusitania” was the cry, along with the interception of the Zimmerman Telegram, that stirred up the US population against Germany and got the US into WWI.  Until those two events, the US was unsure even which…

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