Born Willie Agnes Poe, March 3, 1918   Leave a comment

Willie Agnes Poe Would Have Been 104 On This Day — Image by kenne


Thinking about Mother

I thought about yesterday
Remembering the moments
I thought about today
Taking a big breath.
I thought about tomorrow
Exceeding my grasp.
I thought about time
Wondering about timeless.
I thought about life,
Asking the question.
I thought about people,
Knowing not what I see.
I thought about what is,
Wondering why?
I thought about ideals,
Seeking what should be.
I thought about truth,
Confusing it with the facts.
I thought about art,
Becoming aware.
I thought about love
Touching the feeling.
I thought about Joy,
Feeling love inside.
I thought about you,
Walking with long shadows.
I thought again of tomorrow
Sharing your path.

— kenne

Posted March 3, 2022 by kenneturner in Information

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