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Throwback Thursday — kenne

Becoming is Superior to Being

Gallo del CieloTom Russell wrote a song about a destitute young man named Carlos Saragosa who steals a prize-fighting rooster named Gallo del Cielo. As the story goes, Saragosa wagers his sister’s locket, trying to win enough money to buy back the land stolen from his father.

This morning I stumbled on a short article inCounterpunchby Lorenzo Wolff titled,“Thirty Years Down the Road – Joe Ely, the Fighting Roster of Rock.”

“The song is meant to be about Saragosa, his struggle, and his defeat, but when Ely sings it, you can tell that he’s not relating the protagonist. How could he relate to someone who is crushed after only one defeat? No, Ely isn’t Saragosa. He’s the rooster, Gallo Del Cielo. You won’t see him giving up, he’ll fight until he no longer can, and whether it’s his heart that gives out or his fingers, it sure…

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Posted December 2, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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