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If you love poetry and learning, I recommend this blog highly. (Social Darwinism apart,
it’s always the poor who’re first to witness
History repeating itself.) — kenne

The High Window

Roger Elkin lives in the Staffordshire Moorlands. His poems have won numerous prizes in national and international Poetry Competitions, the Sylvia Plath Award for Poems about Women and the Howard Sergeant Memorial Award for Services to Poetry (1987).

He organized the Leek Arts Festival International Poetry Competition (1982-1992), was the co-editor of Prospice, the international literary quarterly, (issues 17-25) and editor of Envoi 1991-2006.

Roger has also published thirteen collections, among which are: Fixing Things (2011), Bird in the Hand (2012), Marking Time (2013), Chance Meetings (2014) and Sheer Poetry (2020). His most recent collection, The Leading Questionwas published by the High Window Press in 2021.


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The poems in Roger’s most recent collection are part of an extensive sequence entitled That F Wordwhich explores aspects of the Great Irish Famine (1845-51) including the arrival of blight, pestilence, evictions, forced emigration, and coffin…

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