On the Strings of Gravity (More Short Poems)   1 comment

This poem captures many things that are very much a part of my life, hope these things are a part of your life. Click on the original link to better read the posting. — kenne

naïve haircuts

The Blight of Poetry- Like a pulled tooth Chapped lips and a hole in The sole A tee shirt The reads Add Verse Double crossing hexameters (Whatever those are) And me Baffled hair Writing it all down For Walt- The sea Is all of our names Without being any of them. My Favorite Novel- On the chalk board Two dimensional windmills And Quixote With a barber’s bowl For wings Film Critic- Kung Fu Hustle Is the true spiritual Sequel of the Matrix Lollygagging- Electromagnetic fields To stand in. And then there’s mass. No to be Confused with weight. What was said Spoke of beginnings, The cowlick birds Holler on the strings of gravity. A Stone on a Pillow- You establish it is Windy By opening a window By solving some math problems In a notebook Feeding the birds By the look of the city roofs And no matter how far…

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Posted May 6, 2021 by kenneturner in Information

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  1. Interesting poem Ken , I popped over to Bad haircuts to savour it all! 💜

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